The Blue Earth Community Foundation seeks to enhance the quality of life for residents of Blue Earth. The Foundation strives to proactively respond to existing and emerging needs of our communities. BECF achieves its mission by the cultivation of collaborative efforts with individuals and organizations: by providing a safe and effective means for charitable giving; by the conscientious management of funds through careful investment; by the thoughtful distribution of these funds through our grant award process.

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becf smalllogoheader ourvision

Our vision is to better our community by connecting people who care with the causes that matter.

becf smalllogoheader ourmission

The Blue Earth Community Foundation’s mission is to provide our community with meaningful gift-giving opportunities. The Foundation is an avenue to support the projects that strengthen our community through the efforts of our citizens, businesses and agencies.

becf smalllogoheader ourpurpose

The purpose of the Blue Earth Community Foundation is to connect donors who care about the future of Blue Earth with causes that will enhance and sustain the quality of life for those who live here.